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Airbnb Host Cleaning Checklist from Denver, Colorado

Getting Started
Please check the house for any new stains, scratches, marks, damage or missing items. Take pictures and send a description to PM especially if there are issues or it's not clean.
All guests are reviewed on a X star rating scale on cleanliness and observance of house rules. If you can provide PM a very brief description of how the guests left the house (whether clean or not) that is very helpful.
Pull off and wash all white bed sheets and bathroom and dish towels.
Fill detergent tray to normal line
Fill bleach tray halfway
Select Normal and press start
clean lint filter, put in a dryer sheet
Select Normal. Click “Energy Saver” off. Click “Wrinkle Care” on. Press start
Kitchen and Living Room (all cleaning materials under sink)
Dust hanging lights if necessary
Spray and wipe down counters
Wipe down backsplashes in kitchen and any walls or door only if dirty
Check there is one iphone and one android charger plugged in
Water bamboo plant lightly (twice a week)
Check dishwasher
Clean any dishes in sink (by hand is easier/quicker)
Put away dishes in cabinets once dry
Clean stove top with sponge and then stainless steel cleaner and blue microfiber cloth
Wipe microwave, dishwasher, and fridge and handles with stainless steel cleaner and blue cloth
Throw out leftover food from fridge
Replace dish towels (dishwasher & oven handle)
Check microwave, george foreman grill and toaster are clean
Sweep floors including living room. Mop floors if there are visible spills, water marks, etc. (Mop is in the laundry closet. There is pine sol cleaner under sink. There’s a bucket in the back closet.)
Wipe down stool seats and their chrome bottoms
Shake out front and back floor mats. They should also be vacuumed
Wipe shoe rack. Dust shoe rack shelves
Wipe coffee table with windex and blue cloth
Vacuum living room rug
Vacuum grey couch lightly
Wipe down black couch for dust
Scrub sink with abrasive sponge (use the cooktop cleaner or a strong cleaner from under the sink and the rough side of a sponge)
Clean kitchen faucet
Restock paper towels
Put out X bottle of wine next to black binder on countertop.
Check/restock dish soap (under sink) salt, pepper (spice cabinet), olive oil (lower cabinet under countertop), coffee (tell PM to order from amazon), mints (cabinet above phone chargers)
Clean garbage can (inside/outside of lid)
At the end of cleaning, take out trash and put in black garbage can in garage. Put out in the alley for Friday pickups. Try to bring it back in the garage when possible.
Guest Bedroom
Make bed/put on new sheets (use Ella Grace or sheets). Fold extra sheets and put in storage bin in closet. Fold and stack X bath towels and X washcloths on the corner of the bed.
Wipe down nightstand and window sill. Check clock is correct.
Re-stock tissues if necessary.
Windex mirror if necessary.
Return extra blankets to basket on the floor.
Return games and cards to guest room closet shelf.
Empty trash.
Vacuum carpet.
Master Bedroom
Make bed/put on new sheets (use Calvin Klein or sheets). Fold extra sheets and put in closet behind hanging sheet. Fold and stack X bath towels and X washcloths on the corner of the bed.
Wipe down top of black dresser and window sill. Check clock is correct.
Re-stock tissues if necessary.
Windex mirror if necessary.
Empty trash.
Vacuum carpet.
Spray and wipe counter
Clean sink and faucets thoroughly
Clean Toothbrush holder
Shake out rug - do not vacuum
Sweep and wipe around toilet
Clean toilet outside/inside - should be spotless
Check shampoo & conditioner and soap (tell PM if needs to be restocked)
Clean mirrors with blue cloth
Wipe wood shelf
Restock toilet paper
Clean tub of any visible hairs or small spiders
Scrub tub and shower shelf if necessary
Check/restock toothpaste (extra under sink)
Outside Front/Back
Check for mail and packages (put in dresser)
Sweep front porch and steps
Shake out back porch mats (if necessary)
Make sure backyard is clean
Make sure grill is covered
Italian lights (remote on countertop) and back lights off
Garage is closed and locked
Side gate is closed
Supplies - Checklist
Garbage bags - under sink (Kroger X GAL drawstring)
Sponges - under sink
Dish Soap - under sink
Tissues - above fridge
Toilet paper - under bathroom sink and in garage
Paper towels - above fridge and under countertop in corner
Wine - above sink
Ground Coffee
Bathroom hand soap - under sink (mix in water and shake)
Bathroom shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Laundry detergent - on laundry closet floor and in garage
Bleach - on laundry closet floor and in garage

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.