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Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template by Padstow, England Host.

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Strip beds and remake.
Replace soiled towels
Wipe down all surfaces, check for dust on lamps and skirting boards. Be sure and clean the window cills.
empty kettle
check fridge, toss anything in them. Wipe them with paper towel. The smaller ones collect a little water)
Check there are at least X tea bags of at least X types, including regular breakfast tea and at least X coffee sachets
refil sugar containers if required
wash tea cups, mugs, spoons
Wipe town tea trays, replace tea towel if required
Clean bathrooms. Wipe mirrors & sinks, clean/disinfect toilets, clean shower screens (If fitted). Clean shower traps, and wipe down shower walls.
wipe floors, replace bathmats
replace toiletry sets & face wipe packs
Straighten furniture, plump pillows, hoover.
Leave keys in the doors

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.