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Airbnb Cleaning Checklist Template by Kansas City, MO Host.

Checkout is at XAM for all guest
Check lock box at Pickwick entrance to ensure the guest returned their key fob. Take a picture of the fob in the box, or the empty box if no fob is in there.
Check room for Key, if key not there Follow below instructions. Go to the leasing office and get a replacement for the specific unit, ask office to de-activate lost FOB, place new FOB in the Lock box, notify CSM Management immediately. Scramble code when re-locking.
Check FORD box, make sure key is in there, code is X. If key not there let CSM Management know right away.
CHECK TO MAKE SURE ALL ITEMS ARE STILL IN THE UNIT PRIOR TO CLEANING, IF ANYTHING IS MISSING IMMEDIATELY TAKE PICTURES AND LET CSM MANAGEMENT KNOW X TV remote X Fan remote X Iron X Ironing Board X Bath Floor Mat X hand towels X bath towels X set of plates X sets of cups-Drinking/Coffee/Beer/Wine X Laundry Basket X Throw Blanket General overview to make sure art work is still there and decor is not broken and or missing.
Please check the unit for: Stains-I.E. Furniture, bedding or linens Burn Marks From Potential smoking Scratches-I.E. Furniture, flooring, counters Smoke or musty smells Excessively dirty unit Broken or damaged drawers in kitchen or bathroom. If any of above TAKE PICTURES and send a description to CSM Management immediately.
Check all light bulbs. I.E. Overhead lights, lamps. Let management know if burned out and which one so maintenance can be scheduled.
Throw out leftover food from fridge and empty / clean garbage can
Check all Cabinets, throw out all items left by previous tenants, this includes things such as food or Tupperware containers that do not belong to CSM
Open All Blinds so that windows do not condensate
Pour water down Drain by Hot water heater
Tub-pour drano down drain
General cleaning of all areas (Sweep and mop all floors, clean bathroom, dust, clean baseboards, clean windows)
Wipe down Top of Fridge
Sweep hallway entry to unit
Ensure all dishes and silverware are cleaned and put away
Turn bedding-Fitted Sheet, Duvet, flat sheets, pillow cases X hand towels(Bathroom) X bath towels(Bathroom) X wash clothes X beach towels(Closet) X kitchen towel(Kitchen) X Throw Blanket(Only if needed)
Re-Stock Tea Cabinet X K-Cups(Tea Box) X Tea Bags(Tea Box)
Restock Bathroom- X rolls of toilet paper Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash(X% Minimum)
Restock Kitchen- X Dishwasher Tabs(Below Sink) X rolls paper towels(X on rack, X below sink) X trash bags(Below Sink) Refill Salt(Stovetop) Refill Pepper(Stovetop) Refill Oil(Stovetop)
Restock welcome basket X Toothpaste X Toothbrush X Razor X Advil X Makeup remover
Couch- Pull out couch and vacuum below it. Remove cushions and vacuum couch
Set thermostat to X (During Winter) or X (During Summer)
Take after pictures(Upload to App)
Lock the door on the way out
Return Key to cleaners Lockbox
Pull refrigerator out and cleaned behind it
Clean Comforter once a month.
Clean Ceiling Fans
Clean Vent above Entry door.

Enjoy services in the safety of your home.