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Work whenever you want, receive bonuses, and get alerted when new jobs are in your area.

How do I become a Pro Cleaner for TIDY app?
1. Register
Fill out the forms and supply the required documentation. Then, watch a short video presentation that will show you all the tools you need to make jobs fun and efficient.
2. Work
Choose the jobs that interest you in your area that work best with your schedule. Receive ratings from your clients that will help attract more jobs.
3. Earn $
Make lots of money, quickly! Salary packages and travel perks available (see below).
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Why become a   TIDY Pro Cleaner?

Whether you’re an experienced professional or looking for a second income, being aTIDY Pro Cleaner is the simple and flexible choice for you!

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Get exclusive membership perks like discounts, free trips, and more!
Make More Money
Improve your quality of life with our competitive hourly rates.
Freedom of Choice
Create your own schedule. Bonuses for high-demand periods.
Stand Out
No experience necessary. Become top-rated and earn even more!
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